Additional Information


Any information that is required from Children’s Services should normally be obtained from the local education office whose address and telephone number is:

Fleet Local Office,                               Tel. 01252 812333

Birch House,

Barley Way,

Fleet, Hampshire

The Headquarters of Children’s Services are in Winchester and enquiries should be directed to:

The Education Department,      Tel. 01962 841841

The Castle,

Winchester, Hampshire

Access to information

Parents have access to the following documents which can be seen in school, on request.

The LA’s statement of Curriculum Policy.

  1. DfE documents relating to the National Curriculum.
  2. All school Policy Statements and Curriculum documents.
  3. Minutes of Governors Meetings.
  4. All published OFSTED reports relating to the school.
  5. Their child’s school records.

Parents should allow 28 working days for all documents to be made available. The school may request a contribution towards the copying of documents.  Further information is detailed in the School’s Freedom of Information Statement which is available on request.

 Complaints procedure

We hope that all our families will happy with the care and provision we make for our children.  However, we accept that sometimes parents may have concerns and in the first instance, parents wishing to make any complaint about an aspect of school life should initially contact the Headteacher. Should a greater degree of formality be required, the Chair of Governors may be informed. Depending on the nature of the complaint, the Local Education Officer or the County Education Officer may be contacted. Matters still unresolved may then be taken to the Secretary of State for Education. Parents wishing to have a copy of the full Complaints Policy should enquire at the school office.