Our Staff and who to contact


Mrs. H. Dunn                        Headteacher

Mrs. E. Underhill                  Deputy Headteacher

Mr. G. Demblon                   Assistant Headteacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator


Year 3                                                                   Year 4     

Mrs. R. Murphy/ Mrs H Davis (3J)                 Mr. G Demblon/ Mrs. L. Young (4H)

Mrs. L.  Ward (3H)                                         Mrs. J. Macfarlane (4J)

Miss. L. Handley (3S)                                    Miss. L. Plater (4S)


Year 5                                                                   Year 6

Mrs C. Bartley/Mrs. E. Underhill (5J)                Mr. P. Wade (6H)

Mrs. I. Husband/Mrs. E. Bywaters  (5H)          Mrs. A. Cross  (6S)

Mrs. A. Chapman (5S)                                     Mrs. N. McEvoy/ Mrs. E. Bywaters (6J)

Teachers taking Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time

Mrs. L. Purser                                                   French

Mrs. L. Williams                                                Religious Education

Mrs. R. Field                                                      Music


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs. L. Braybrook     Mrs. J. Carter   Miss D.Chamberlain  Mr. S. Dillingham  Mrs S. Douglas

Mrs. K. Henderson   Mrs. A. Jenkins   Mrs. J. Knowles   Mrs. S. Laws-Bates      Miss. S. Stokes

Mrs. J. Macdonald    Mrs. S. Pirie     Mrs. N. Smith       Mrs. G. Spicer         Mrs. S. Thomson


Administrative Officer                          Mrs. H. Garrod

Finance Officer                                      Mrs. E. Duffett

Administrative Assistants                    Mrs S. Soldat & Mrs R. Etherington- Smith

Site Manager                                          Mr. A. Rufus

ICT  and Resources Assistant              Mrs. G. Spicer

Librarian                                                 Mrs. G. Bond

Senior Midday Supervisor                    Mrs. S. Laws-Bates


Who to contact if you have a query

All our Office Team will be happy to help you and can be contacted on the main school number or Admin Email and Mrs Garrod is our Admin Office.  However, if you have a  specific query the following staff will be the main point of contact.

For Clubs and Music Lessons – Mrs Rebecca Etherington-Smith

For Finance matters, e.g dinner money, trips, uniform – Mrs Elaine Duffett

For Admissions and Attendance including Holiday Requests – Mrs Heidi Garrod

For Medical queries and Schoolcomms/ SIMs – Mrs Heidi Garrod / Mrs Sally Soldat