Performance Data

2017 SATs – Provisional data

With the introduction of new tests in line with National Curriculum, the results for 2017 do not report in levels.  To meet the ‘Expected standard’ children had to achieve a Scaled Score of 100 or more.  These are the school’s  results compared to the National Averages

Meeting expected standard (Scaled score of 100+) School National           Hants
Reading 84% 71%                    76%
Maths 92% 75%                    77%
SPAG 90% 77%                    78%
Writing (Teacher Assessment only) 96% 76%                   80%
Meeting in Maths, Writing and Reading 82% 61%                    65%
Average Scaled score
Reading 108 104                     105
SPAG 109 106                     106
Maths 107 104                     104

Meeting the higher standards (Scaled score of 110+)

 School  National  Hants
Reading 41% 25%  28%
Maths 38% 23%  23%
Writing 29% 18%  23%
SPAG 45% 31%  30%
Higher standards in Reading, Writing and Maths 22% 9%  11%

Information on national progress data will be published by the DfE in the Autumn Term.

2016 SATs Results

SATs 2016

We are proud of our achievements at Heatherside.  Please view the most recent Government  performance data here.


Pupil Progress

We use a variety of assessment strategies, all designed to give us a clear picture of each child’s progress. Assessment results are then used to set both individual and whole school improvement targets.  Ongoing assessment in class helps us to ensure that each child is achieving their best; informing our teaching so that we provide the right level of support and challenge.  Regular feedback allows us to celebrate children’s successes as well as guiding them in the next steps of their learning.  Children are also involved in evaluating their progress, taking responsibility for and ownership of their learning.