Friday Assembly

Friday 17th July…the last assembly of the year!

This week there is a special Goodbye from Mrs Underhill as well as a montage of some of your work that you have done at home…sing along at the end! Just click on Mr Happy below. Have a super Summer and stay safe and well.

Friday 10th July

This week’s Assembly launches our ‘Play for your Cards Right’ Theme Week and contains a card trick that Mrs Dunn will teach you all next week!


Friday 3rd July

As you will be meeting your new teachers soon, this week’s Assembly features a couple of ‘Guess Who?’  puzzles for you to solve!  Just click on the bear!

Welcome back to Year 6!

Please click on the Welcome to Year 6 picture below to watch the Year 6 Return to School Video…some the sound isn’t brilliant as my IT skills are not that great…yet!  We would advise all uniform to be washed daily.

Friday 26th June

This week’s assembly has a challenge of a different kind…I hope you will let me know how what you choose to do!  Just click on the ‘Wellbeing’ icon to watch it.

Friday 19th June

This week’s assembly has a word challenge for you to join in with at home.  It helps us to remember that sometimes, to solve things, we have to work things out one step at a time. Just click on the picture to watch!

Friday 12th

Sometimes things which look simple are not and those which seem challenging are possible if you persevere! There is a challenge to solve in the week’s Assembly as well as lots of ‘Well Done’ messages in our Stars of the Week. Just click on the quote below!

Friday 5th June

This  Assembly includes a game you can play at home if you have a pack of cards.  Just click on the card picture to watch the assembly!




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