Newsletters and Information for Parents during closure

Plans for September 2020

We are working on the following

  • We will have Year Group bubbles which will mean the children will have greater opportunity to be part a wider group beyond their class.  This will also mean that we can plan our curriculum more efficiently and broadly.
  • There will be staggered start and finish times. We are planning for Year 3 and 5 to start at 8.35am and Years 4 and 6 at 8.45am, with the finish times being 2.55pm and 3.05pm respectively.  We have taken into account siblings within school and are planning for this so please don’t worry.  Drop off/collection arrangements are still being worked through!
  • Initially, each Year Group will have a PE day (as we have done with Year 6) and come to school in their PE kits.  Details to be confirmed.
  • Breaktime and lunchtimes will be staggered and each Year Group will have their own timetable for the week.  Lunches will be in sittings and at the start of Term only packed lunches or the HC3S picnic will be available.
  • The school will provide each child with a pencil case with equipment in so please do not rush to buy a Smiggle pencil case or rucksack.
  • We are still investigating the viability of SCL running their Breakfast Club and we will aim to confirm if this is going to be possible as soon as we can.  However, there is a chance that this might not be operational at the very start of term based on the current guidelines on mixing ‘Bubbles’

Please see the full plan below

Heatherside Junior School Return to school plan September 2020 (July 2020 version).docx

I would like to reassure you that are working hard to make the return to school as easy, safe and positive as possible for everyone in our school community and can’t wait to be back to ‘normal-ish’ school in September.

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