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The books below are available as a free ebook from Oxford Owl. You will need to create a login, but then you will have access to all of their available ebooks which cover the book bands we have in school. We suggest that your child starts on a level they are reading in school and then selects a more challenging label when they are ready.

For some of the books we have created some ‘Guided Reading Questions’ and these can be found below.

Clever Monkey – Lime label

Notes for Parents – Clever Monkey – Lime label

Disgusting Denzil – Lime label

Notes for Parents – Disgusting Denzil – Lime label

Eric’s Talking Ears – White label

Notes for Parents – Eric’s Talking Ears – White label

Jungle Shorts – Brown label – Developing Reader

Notes for Parents – Jungle Shorts – Brown Label – Developing reader

The Personality Potion – Developing or Free Reader

Notes for Parents – The Personality Potion – Developing and Free Readers

Each session should last no more than half an hour. At school, we would aim for two sessions in a week, but it is entirely up to you!

As well as giving the children an opportunity to read a book independently, it also gives them a chance to practise their other reading skills such as predicting, inferring and working out the meaning of unfamiliar words.

The questions are designed to be accessible to the children on their own, but you might like to discuss the questions with your child instead of making them write out the answers if that works best for you.

Some of the other books also have onscreen activities and questions, please open this document to see which ones have these links 

Oxford Reading Books with activities online

Happy reading!