Year 4

Try this at home!

Why not visit Spelling City to practise your spellings? You will find lots of games to play, and you can even test yourself and print out your results! Just click on the correct spelling list for you.

This week’s Homework

180119_Adverbial explanation to go alongside Adverbial Homework for all children

180119_adverbials homework_Blue group

180119_adverbials homework_Green group

180119_adverbials homework_Yellow group

This week’s Spellings

180119_ Yellow spelling group_Long Vowel Sound revision 180119_Blue and Green Spelling Homework_ous words to learn

Last Week’s Homework

Maths homework 8th January19. Teacher will advise children if sheet 1,2 or 3

Long u homework_Yellow group 110119

ous words for green and blue_110119 week one











Here are the links to some of the time games that you might like to play for homework:

Matching times

Bang on Time

Using the 24 hour clock

Solving time duration problems (For this one, scroll down to find the game)


Learn its (Times Table Practice)

2 Times Table

5 Divides

5 Time Table

10 Divides

10 Times Table

First set 3 x

Mixed 2 5 10 3

Mixed 2 5 10

Mixed 3 Times Table

Mixed 5 and 10 Times Table

Second Set 3 x

third set 3 x