PE and Sports Funding

PE and Sports Vision Statement

Our vision at Heatherside Junior School is to ensure all children enjoy physical education and sport. Through physical education and sport we aim to improve health and well- being, to promote active participation and lifelong learning. Through enjoyment, each child will develop their social skills, self- esteem and stamina which will push them to fulfill their potential.

We believe physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. Not only does it allow children to recognise the diversity of individual ability, it encourages children to participate and engage in the sport with respectful conduct. We endeavour to teach a balanced program of P.E and School Sport that provides children with a broad spectrum of skills and the knowledge necessary to use those skills for a lifetime of active participation.

Sports Report for 2020 to 2021 (July 2021)(For Academic Year 2020 to 2021)

Sports Report July 2020  (For the Academic Year 2019 to 2020)

Sports Report July 2019 (For the Academic Year 2018 to 2019)

Report on Sports Funding for Governors 2017 to 2018

Report on Sports Funding for Governors 2016 to 2017