Meet our Governors

Mrs Vicky Smith (Associate Governor)

My son left Heatherside Juniors in 2014 having spent four brilliant years at the school (his words not mine, though I felt the same!) and I have a daughter who is in Year 4. My mum always said if you really want to know what goes on in a school then get involved and that is why I decided to join the Governing Body of Heatherside back in November 2011. I joined as I felt it was time to give something back to a school and school management team that works tirelessly to ensure our children enjoy their education experience every step of the way in a constantly changing educational environment.  Although I have now stepped down as a Governor to focus on my family, I am continuing to support the Governing Body as an Associate Governor.

Mr Paul Wild (Associate Governor)

I served as a Parent Governor from 2011 to 2018 and my two daughters both attended Heatherside.  All of our children’s education and aspirations are very much influenced and guided by their education and it has become clear to me that the Governing Body is very keen to support, stimulate and afford each child such opportunities which is why I am serving as an Associate Governor this year.

Mrs Louise Bennett

I am Louise Bennett and I became a Parent Governor in October 2014. My oldest daughter is now in Year 7 and my youngest is in year 5. Heatherside Juniors will be a major feature of our lives for the next 4 years and I am keen to play an active part in the school. I have lived in Fleet for around 12 years and I work 4 days a week for BAE SYSTEMS in Farnborough in the Insurable Risk department.

I am excited to be part of this fantastic school and eager to learn and contribute to how the school runs. I share the Chair Of Governors role with Mike Thomas.

Debby Hewison

This is my third year as a Governor and I am very much looking forward to getting to know the school and playing an active role in supporting the School’s goals. I am presently allocated to the Personnel and Curriculum Committees.

Whilst not a local I have lived in the area for over twenty five years and and consider that I know the community well through my voluntary work as a Magistrate.

Although I have spent many years working in the insurance industry I am now a practising nutritionist with a particular interest in sports nutrition and am currently completing an MSc.

Anna Hoskyns

I have lived in Fleet for three years, having moved from Surrey due to job relocation and personal circumstances. I am keen to be more involved with the local community and this seemed the perfect opportunity ! Working for a national charity, I am aware of the positive contribution that Volunteers can make, and I hope that my industry background will be put to good use in the Finance & Buildings, and Personnel Committees. I do work full time but am committed to spending as much time as I can at Heatherside, and helping to contribute to what I have already seen as an excellent environment for children to thrive in.

Mrs Caroline Bartley

I have been part of the teaching staff at Heatherside for over 20 years and in that time have taught all year groups. I am currently teaching 5J. I have been a part of the governing body for 10 years and I feel as a member of staff I am the link between the staff and the governing body. Staff are key stake-holders in the school and being on the governing body ensure that their views and ideas are included in school evaluation and improvement.

Mrs Vidya Krishnan

Hello, I’m Vidya and I have been part of the Governing Body here at Heatherside since early 2016. I have two children, one in secondary and another in a junior school in Fleet. We moved to Fleet from Melbourne, Australia and as we were slowly settling, I started to volunteer at the school my son attends. Having volunteered at the local schools in Australia too, I realised I enjoy being part of the education system and the development of children.

When an opportunity for a governor arose at Heatherside, I decided to take it up as I realized that I would like to offer more than just “a hand in a classroom, or in this case at Heatherside a hand in helping with “STEM Club”, which is a passion of mine. My background is Engineering and after working for few years as Systems Analyst, I moved on to multimedia with an interest in e-learning development. I hope that with this background I can contribute and do my part in the wonderful school and community at Heatherside.

Michael Thomas

Hi, I’m Michael Thomas and I joined the HJS Governing Body as a Parent Governor in September 2016. I have one son here at Heatherside Juniors and a second son in the neighbouring Infants School.

I have worked within the educational sector as a senior manager delivering PFI Contracts for many years, I felt that becoming a member of the GB gave me the perfect opportunity to support our already excelling students and teaching teams by sharing my experience and knowledge of delivering and managing successful school estates to HJS.

Mrs Lyndsay Young

I’m Lyndsay or Mrs Young or Mum… depending on who you ask! I am 4S’s teacher from Mondays to Wednesdays and have a son at junior school with my daughter just starting in Reception.

I have always been interested in becoming a governor as I’m intrigued to find out what happens “behind the scenes”.  I was lucky enough to be offered a job at HJS and have thoroughly enjoyed working here since September 2014. I am hoping to provide a positive link between the governing body and the staff at school.

Mrs Nicola McEvoy

Joining the teaching staff at Heatherside in 2012 and working here for the past six years has been a wonderful experience for me. Children and adults alike are friendly and positive and I feel very lucky to be working with such an enthusiastic group of people.  Having been welcomed so warmly and made to feel a valued part of this successful team has encouraged me to become more involved and to try to improve the pupils’ learning opportunities even further.  I am a great believer in happy children being the best learners but also that life skills and independence for our youngsters are invaluable.  I currently work in year six, but have experience of all year groups, including infants and nursery.  Therefore, I hope to use my hands on experience of our education system to highlight and promote the children’s needs.

Mr David Stephenson

We have lived in Fleet for more than 10 years and both of our daughters are enjoying Heatherside Juniors.  I joined the board as a Parent Governor in September 2016 in the hope of offering something back to the school.

I am keen that the pupils have the best educational experience that they can at Heatherside Juniors and I am very happy to be able to actively support our school as a governor.  I sit on both the Finance and Buildings Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

Mrs Michelle Hewitt-Dutton

I joined the governing body as a Parent Governor in September 2017. I have a daughter who has just started Year 3 and a son in Year 1 at the Infants School, so thought this was an opportunistic time to become more involved with the children’s education and to truly take an active role in the school. Whilst I myself have lived in Fleet for 10 years, my husband has grown up in Fleet, and himself attended Heatherside School.

I am a qualified accountant and currently work at an Accountancy Practice in Henley, heading up the auditing function, something that I hope will enable me play a constructive part in governing Heatherside Junior School.

Mrs Bethan Matthews

I’ve lived in Fleet for just under a year having relocated from London in December 2017. In London I worked as a secondary school teacher for 10 years but I’m currently taking a career break to look after my two young daughters. I am keen to remain involved in education and contribute to the local community and becoming a governor seemed like a great way of doing both. My experience of Heatherside so far has been fantastic and I am looking forward to my role within this thriving school. 

Mr Jordan Ware-Lane

Having relocated to Fleet in August 2017, I joined Heatherside Junior School as a Governor in September 2018.

I am a Chartered Accountant and have worked in London for over twelve years, I am also a keen cyclist in my spare time. I strongly believe in the benefits of a positive education and working as a Governor for Heatherside Junior School has given me the opportunity to contribute to the school and support the children in obtaining a positive and enjoyable education.  I am looking forward to understanding how the school operates and how decisions made are instrumental in providing an environment that encourages constructive learning.

I hope that my skill set and experience will aid me in my role as a member of both the Resources and Personnel Committees and contribute to the goals and ambitions of the school.