Covid-19 guidance and information

We created a ‘Welcome Back’ video for the children (and grown ups) just click on the picture to start watching..please excuse the wobbly filming!

Please see here for our detailed FAQ for the start of term

Return to school September 2020 Information for parents

Sept 20 Drop off map

Sept 20 Pick up map

Suggested ‘One Way System’ Proposed One Way System

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment will be under constant review and will be updated to reflect any significant changes in Government Policy and Guidance as well as any internal changes needed to ensure the safe operating of the school for children and staff.

Risk Assessment HJS October 2020 update.docx  (Reviewed and Updated October 2020)

Risk Assessment HJS for September 2020.docx

PHE Flow Chart for Educational Settings Aug 2020

NHS Guidance

Guidance from NHS on Covid Symptoms in children NHS website

It is vitally important  that parents seek advice from NHS111 if their child (or anyone in their household) is displaying symptoms which fit that of Covid-19 (see Covid Symptoms in children )

There is a NHS 111 Symptoms Check website which asks a series of questions and then provides clear advice. It can be found here Symptoms Check NHS  It takes no more than 2 minutes to complete. 

Any parent who believes their child is displaying symptoms, including a cold/sore throat are asked to complete this online check.  This will then advise whether you should

  • Call 111 for medical advice
  • Book a Covid Test for the person with symptoms and self isolate everyone in your household.
  • Treat your child (or other family member) at home

When calling school to report your child’s absence, we will ask if you have completed the NHS 111 online check and, if not, we will ask you to do this and then let us know the outcome; including whether you have been advised that a Coronavirus test is required.  Should a positive test result be returned, we will then contact Public Health England who will then tell us what has to happen next.

Guidance for Visitors and Contractors

contractors and visitors_guidance_protocols_Covid19

Planning documents and additional information

Heatherside Junior School Return to school plan September 2020 (July 2020 version).docx

Wash Hands poster

Support for Families.School Leaflet (1)