Covid-19 guidance and information

Tuesday Update

Dear Parents

Morning to you all; I am so sorry that we are all plunged into this again and I can only imaging how you must be feeling about the prospect of more Home Learning. We will do all we can to make this as easy as possible. I am also sorry that the messages took so long last night, I was frantically typing at home but Parentmail was clearly overloaded and wouldn’t send!!!

I will be in touch again later but as you can imagine, it’s all a little hectic!

Home Learning

For today, I have planned a Time Capsule Activity which we were planning to do in school, these can be found on our website Home Learning and I have also put it on DB Primary on the Heatherside Page along with a video from me to the children explaining the activity, instructions for how to get to this particular page can be found here DB Primary Information although the children should know!

I have included some links to some online Maths Challenges as well and of course the children have the games on DB primary, TT Rockstars and a good book hopefully!

Later I will upload the Wellbeing Challenge which I told the children about yesterday as we would still like to do this!

Zoom Calls!

I’m also going to run some 15 minute Zoom calls to each Year Group today as it has been so sudden and I feel it is important to connect with you all. Parents are very welcome to join too and if you have siblings please just join one as I will be saying the same thing!! Your camera and microphone will be automatically turned off but please do feel free to put your camera on if you would like to.

The links and times are as follows

Year 6 at 12.15

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 943 2955 6073
Passcode: 898465

Year 5 at 12.35

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 940 6364 2781
Passcode: 120326

Year 4 at 12.55

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 923 6251 3559
Passcode: 356217

Year 3 at 1.15

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 995 0113 6942
Passcode: 003649

Dear Parents

As you will be aware, the Government have announced the immediate closure of schools until February Half Term. Although we possibly anticipated that this might happen at some point soon, earlier today I was not expecting it to be tomorrow. Whilst we have spent time today making preparations, unfortunately we will not be in a position to open the school to any Key Workers or children from Vulnerable Groups until Wednesday 6th and I am terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused. I am sure you can understand that we need to finalise numbers and arrange staffing/risk assessments. With the announcement coming at 8pm this means that we are not able to do this this evening but will sort it tomorrow in readiness for Wednesday. Parents will be contacted tomorrow to confirm arrangements.

In terms of Home Learning, teachers had already been making contingency plans and we will resume full home learning on DB Primary from Wednesday also. For tomorrow, we will be planning some whole school activities which will we email out to you first thing. I will also be inviting each year group (parents and children) to join a short Zoom meeting with me in the afternoon as I would like to be able to talk to them about what happens next; parents are most welcome to join too. Again, I will email the details tomorrow.

Looking ahead, we are hoping to make use of TEAMs alongside DB Primary and the children should all have got their school email address at home. If you are unable to find this, please call the Office between 2-4pm to request this. Thank you for returning the technology access Form so promptly today.

I know that none of us wanted the school to close, especially after such a great Autumn Term but given the high rates I am sure we can all understand the necessity and I hope, more than anything, that we will be back in school straight after the Half Term.

With warmest regards and sincere thanks for all your support

Mrs Dunn

Please see here for our detailed FAQ for the start of  the Autumn term

Return to school September 2020 Information for parents

Sept 20 Drop off map

Sept 20 Pick up map

Suggested ‘One Way System’ Proposed One Way System

Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment will be under constant review and will be updated to reflect any significant changes in Government Policy and Guidance as well as any internal changes needed to ensure the safe operating of the school for children and staff.

Risk Assessment HJS October 2020 update.docx  (Reviewed and Updated October 2020)

Risk Assessment HJS for September 2020.docx

PHE Flow Chart for Educational Settings Aug 2020

NHS Guidance

Guidance from NHS on Covid Symptoms in children NHS website

It is vitally important  that parents seek advice from NHS111 if their child (or anyone in their household) is displaying symptoms which fit that of Covid-19 (see Covid Symptoms in children )

There is a NHS 111 Symptoms Check website which asks a series of questions and then provides clear advice. It can be found here Symptoms Check NHS  It takes no more than 2 minutes to complete. 

Any parent who believes their child is displaying symptoms, including a cold/sore throat are asked to complete this online check.  This will then advise whether you should

  • Call 111 for medical advice
  • Book a Covid Test for the person with symptoms and self isolate everyone in your household.
  • Treat your child (or other family member) at home

When calling school to report your child’s absence, we will ask if you have completed the NHS 111 online check and, if not, we will ask you to do this and then let us know the outcome; including whether you have been advised that a Coronavirus test is required.  Should a positive test result be returned, we will then contact Public Health England who will then tell us what has to happen next.

Guidance for Visitors and Contractors

contractors and visitors_guidance_protocols_Covid19

Planning documents and additional information

Heatherside Junior School Return to school plan September 2020 (July 2020 version).docx

Wash Hands poster

Support for Families.School Leaflet (1)