Emergency Closure Procedures

Emergency Closure Plans

Latest snow email sent on Sunday 18th March

18th March 2018 Snow Message

Advice received from Hampshire County Council on Wednesday 28th February 2018

Please find below, information to support and assist you in preparations for, and response to, the expected spell of adverse weather.

Decisions made relating to school closures are for the Headteacher to determine, in consultation with the governing body. This decision should be based on local conditions and circumstances. Wherever possible, we would encourage to schools and education settings to remain open and operate as usual.

With this in mind, schools should make appropriate preparations for the weather and any contingency plans that Headteachers may consider necessary.


As always, our aim is to keep the school open whatever the circumstances. However if there are severe weather conditions leading to significant safety problems with the roads; it may be necessary to close the school as less than half of our teaching staff are in a reasonable walking distance. Emergency closures could also apply if we had problems with the heating etc.

Should it ever be necessary to close the school; we will inform parents through the following channels