Maths Resources

Resources to support Week 3 (Please read the Maths Plan!)

Week 3 Maths plan 

Lesson 1 Mrs Ward’s group reasoning

Lesson 1 extra practice

Lesson 2 extra practice

Lesson 3 extra practice

Lesson 4 Extra Practice


Resources to support Week 2 Activities 

All other sets Lesson 1 worksheet

Supported Set Lesson 1 worksheet

Capacity Lesson 1 Time to Think

Capacity Lesson 2 worksheet

Capacity Lesson 2 Time to Think

Lesson 3 work sheet

Capacity Lesson 3 Time to Think

Capacity Lesson 4 Time to Think 

Capacity Activities Arithmetic test

All other sets Lesson 4 worksheet

Supported set Lesson 4 worksheet

Resources to support Week 1 Activities

These activities will support your child’s learning; they are quite detailed as we have been able to share the lesson plans for this topic directly from our work we would have done in school. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

Maths learning at home

Lesson 1 Handout 1

Lesson 1 Handout 2

Lesson 1 Handout 3 lesson 2 analogue clock

Lesson 2 Analogue clocks activity Mrs Davis Mrs Saggers group

Lesson 2 extension

Lesson 2 Analogue Clocks activity

Lesson 3 Handout 1

Lesson 3 Extension

lesson 3 digital times

Lesson 3 Lexi’s mistake

Lesson 4 handout 1

Lesson 4 Handout 2

Lesson 4 Handout 3

arithmetic test 4