Support for children’s wellbeing

Some ways in which we are promoting¬†wellbeing…

We want to help children to be confident, resilient, happy and secure.  Why not try one of our Weekly Wellbeing Activities at home with your child?

5 Ways to Well-being Challenge

(Although the Challenge has finished for this year, there are lots of ideas to try and enjoy!)

Wellbeing Challenge Week One


Wellbeing Challenge Week Two – Give to others

Wellbeing Challenge Week Three-Connect with Others

Wellbeing Challenge Week Four – Be physically active

Wellbeing Challenge Week Five Learn a new skill.docx

We know that this may still be a very difficult time for children and families.  The following links may offer some support and we are happy to help with any referrals.


Chat Health 5-19 Parent Poster 12-05-2020 10-20

Family Wellbeing Pack during COVID final (1)