Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Ufton Court

Viking Raids were brought to life during our visit to Ufton Court!

Our (normally extremely well-behaved!) Year 5 pupils threw themselves into life as a Viking when they visited Ufton Court earlier this term!  Learning how these fearsome warriors put their battle skills into practice to overthrow the Saxons obviously appealed to their imaginations.

“…we Vikings wanted revenge; we chased down the hills screaming and shouting, then lured the Saxons into a hut.  Our king shouted three questions at them: where is your king? Where is your money? Where is your army?  None of them answered, so we took them by the arm and threw them into the pit…” (Sophie)

“…After having a quick break and some lunch, we moved on to our final activity.  For this, we had to re-enact various the Vikings faced during tier quest to conquer Wessex.  Here, we used the skills we learned from our weapon training…” (Edward)

“On 4th February, Year 5 were lucky enough to experience the wonders of Ufton Court and the battle or Reading…” (Joseph)  “…This was because we are learning about the Viking period and their raids at Lindisfarne…” (Juliet)

“…For Voyaging Vikings we didn’t need anything except for our singing skills.  This was interesting because we went to places that I have never heard of…” (James)