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Letters - Whole School Events

Please see below for letters which relate to whole school events, including how the children can nominate a local charity for our House Charities this year. 

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Each year we like to give each House the opportunity to nominate a charity they feel we should support as a School (and for our Christmas Collections after Peter Pan and our Assemblies to be shared between). 

This year children are invited to nominate a registered local charity a charity: one that works to help people living in North Hampshire.  The charity you choose could be one specific to the area (Fleet Pond Society, Step by Step in Aldershot etc) or the local branch of a national charity (Trussell Trust Food Bank, Fleet Lions, a local Scout group).  If you wish to work with one friend who is in your Class and the same House, that is fine. 

If you wish to nominate a charity, the children will need to:

  • Make sure the charity has Registered Charity status; this means they will have a Registered Charity number on their website. We are not able to make any donations from School to other groups.
  • Find out about the work the charity does, who they support and the ways in which they raise funds and awareness.
  • Write a properly prepared speech which you will give to your Class.  You will need to think carefully about the wording of your speech. How will you make sure the children in your House understand why you have chosen the charity and why you feel it is a good cause to support?
  • It is important that, when children vote for the charity they think should be supported, they make their decision based on the work the charity does.  Therefore, we just want you to focus on your speech; please do not prepare any Powerpoint presentations, posters, free gifts etc!  Put your energy into writing the best speech you can!

Voting for House Charities

Voting for our House Charities takes place in two stages.

First of all, children will make your speech to their Class.  The children in each House in each Class will then vote for the charity they think should be put forward to the second stage.  For example, if they are in Eagle they will need to decide which charity nominated by a child in Eagle in your Class is the one they would like to support.

The second stage is when the Houses vote.  If a charity is chosen by the children in their House in their Class, they will then make your speech to  the whole House (with the support of our House Captains!) and each House will vote for one charity.


Voting in Classes will take place between Monday 15th and Friday 19th January and House Assemblies will be held on Wednesday 24th January

We are really looking forward to seeing which charities the children nominate this year and hearing their reasons for choosing them