School Meals

School Meals

Children may bring in a packed lunch or choose from a hot dinner made on the premises; selecting which meal they would like from the published menus each morning. Arrangements can be made for special dietary requirements on request. Payment for school dinners is via our Online Payment system and parents are asked to ensure that their account is kept in credit. Meals are currently £2.50 per day. Packed lunches should provide a healthy, balanced meal including two of children’s ‘5-a-day.’ Children may also bring a fruit or vegetable snack for morning break.

Follow the Tucasi link to the right on the menu to find out how to set the online payment system up or alternatively, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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To check eligibility for Free School Meal entitlement please follow the link below

Dinner Menu

Dinners cost £2.50 per day

Menu from March 2021

The above is the only menu currently available

If your child has special dietary requirements and has their own HC3S menu, unfortunately no school dinners are currently available

Details of how to apply for a special diet menu can be found via