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Committees and Attendance at Meetings

Resources Committee Official Committee Members
Anna Clayden Chair Resources, Finance
Hannah Dunn Headteacher
David Barnes Full Governing Body (FGB) Chair, School Improvement Plan, Technology
Elaine Greaney FGB Vice Chair, Chair HT Performance Panel, Disciplinary Panel
Paul Daniels Facilities and H&S, Pay Panel
Michelle Marsh Voice (pupil, staff, parent), Chair Disciplinary Panel
Nicola McEvoy Staff Liaison
Headteacher Performance Panel Role
Elaine Greaney Chair HT Performance Panel
Judith Kelly HT Performance Panel
Helen Roberts HT Performance Panel
Pay Panel Role
Anna Clayden Chair Pay Panel
Vicky Smith Pay Panel
Paul Daniels Pay Panel
Pay Appeals Panel Role
Tom Murray Chair Pay Appeals Panel
Luke Mappley Pay Appeals Panel
Susie Lewington Pay Appeals Panel
Disciplinary Panel Role
Michelle Marsh Chair Disciplinary Panel
Elaine Greaney Disciplinary Panel
Lorna Owen Disciplinary Panel
Anna Clayden Disciplinary Panel
Judith Kelly Disciplinary Panel
Note: actual panel members will be based on the situation and availability  and could differ from the above