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Growth Mindset

We believe that a Growth Mindset approach can help our children to become confident and resilient learners.  Throughout the year we will be continuing to use words which encourage a Growth Mindset as well as promoting a culture where mistakes are a valued part of the learning process.  We actively encourage children to develop an understanding of the 'the learning pit' and in our lessons and assemblies we all celebrate the fact that mistakes help us!  You will see signs in our classrooms and hear using phrases such as ' I can't do it....yet!' 

Growth Mindset is the Way...

Some words  and phrases which encourage a Growth Mindset

Wow!    Look at that!   Tell me about it!   Show me more.  How did you do that?  Let's see what you did. 

I can see how much effort you have put in with that.   What do you plan to do next?

How many ways did you try before you achieved what you wanted?