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Our Staff Team

Our Staff and Who to contact

Headteacher: Mrs. H. Dunn (Designated Safeguarding Lead DSL)

Mrs Dunn will also be interim Headteacher at Heatherside Infants for the school year 22/23

Deputy Headteacher: Mr. S. Blay  (Deputy DSL)
Assistant Headteacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mr. G. Demblon  (Deputy DSL)

Year 3

  • Mrs. L. Ward (3H)
  • Mrs. H Brown (3J)
  • Mr. G Wedgwood (3S)

Year 4

  • Mr. G Demblon/ Mrs. L. Young (4H)
  • Mrs. S. Laws Bates (4J)
  • Mrs. J Saggers/ Mrs H Davis (4S)

Year 5

  • Mrs. I. Husband (5H)
  • Mrs. L. Hambleton (5J)
  • Miss. J. Cain (5S):

Year 6

  • Mr. P. Wade (6H)
  • Miss. L. Handley/Mrs Murphy (6S)
  • Mrs. N. McEvoy (6J)
  • Mrs. J. Macfarlane (6P)

Additional teaching staff

  • Additional teaching staff: Mrs. E. Bywaters, Mrs. R. Murphy and Mrs. A. Cross
  • Teacher to support SEN: Mrs. E. Stickland

Teachers taking Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time

  • Mrs. A. Fletcher: French
  • Mrs. L. Williams/Mrs. S. Douglas: Religious Education
  • Mrs. R. Field: Music

Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs. A. Allchurch  (ELSA)

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs. L. Braybrook (Forest Schools)
  • Miss. D. Chamberlain (ELSA)
  • Mrs. S. Douglas
  • Mrs. K. Henderson
  • Mrs. A. Jenkins
  • Mrs. J. McKeon
  • Mrs. R. Goddard
  • Miss. L. Lawrence
  • Mrs. J. Bardy
  • Mrs. C. Patterson
  • Mrs. N. Smith
  • Mrs. G. Spicer
  • Mrs. E. Williams
  • Mrs. J. Boxold
  • Mrs. A. Underhay-Ward
  • Mrs. S. Jones
  • Mrs. T. Wells
  • Mrs. P. Collyer
  • Mrs. F. Grayson
  • Mrs. K. Hatcher
  • Miss. D. Smith

Administration & Site Staff

  • Administrative Officer: Mrs. H. Garrod
  • Finance Officer: Mrs. E. Duffett
  • Administrative Assistants: Mrs S. Soldat/Mrs S Napier
  • Receptionist: Mrs C. Newman
  • Site Manager: Mr. P. MacRae
  • ICT and Resources Assistant: Mrs. G. Spicer
  • Librarian: Mrs. G. Bond
  • Daytime cleaner: Mrs. N. Evans