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Our Staff Team

Our Staff and Who to Contact

Headteacher: Mrs. H. Dunn (Designated Safeguarding Lead DSL)


Deputy Headteacher: Mr. S. Blay  (Deputy DSL)
Assistant Headteacher & Special Needs Co-ordinator: Mr. G. Demblon  (Deputy DSL)

Year 3

  • Mrs. L. Ward (3H)
  • Miss. J. Cain (3J)
  • Mr. G Wedgwood (3S)

Year 4

  • Mrs. H. Brown (4H)
  • Miss. R. Campbell (4J)
  • Mrs. J Saggers/ Mrs H Davis (4S)

Year 5

  • Mrs. I. Husband (5H)
  • Mrs. L. Hambleton (5J) Mrs S Douglas covering
  • Miss. L. Handley (5S)

Year 6

  • Mr. P. Wade (6H)
  • Mrs. N. McEvoy (6J)
  • Mrs. J. Macfarlane (6S)

Additional teaching staff

  • Additional teaching staff: Mrs L Williams
  • Teacher to support SEN: Mrs. E. Stickland

Teachers taking Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time

  • Mrs. A. Fletcher: French
  • Mrs. L. Williams/Mrs. E. Stickland: Religious Education
  • Mrs. R. Field: Music

Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs. A. Allchurch  (ELSA, TALA and Deputy DSL)

Learning Support Assistants

  • Mrs. L. Braybrook (Forest Schools)
  • Miss. D. Chamberlain (ELSA)
  • Mrs. A. Jenkins
  • Mrs. J. McKeon
  • Mrs. R. Goddard
  • Miss. L. Lawrence
  • Mrs. J. Bardy
  • Mrs. C. Patterson
  • Mrs. N. Smith
  • Mrs. G. Spicer
  • Mrs. E. Williams
  • Mrs. J. Boxold
  • Mrs. A. Underhay-Ward
  • Mrs. T. Wells
  • Mrs. P. Collyer (ELSA)
  • Mrs. F. Grayson
  • Mrs K Trust
  • Mrs D Stevens
  • Mrs. K. Hatcher
  • Miss. D. Smith
  • Mrs. K. Henson

Administration & Site Staff

  • Administrative Officer: Mrs. H. Garrod
  • Finance Officer: Mrs. E. Duffett
  • Administrative Assistants: Mrs S. Soldat/Mrs S Napier
  • Receptionist: Mrs C. Newman
  • Site Manager: Mr. P. MacRae
  • ICT and Resources Assistant: Mrs. G. Spicer
  • Librarian: Mrs. G. Bond
  • Daytime cleaner: Mrs. N. Evans

Who to contact in our Office...everyone will be happy to help of course!

Admissions                                  Mrs Garrod

Attendance and Absence         Mrs Soldat

Medication in schools               Mrs Garrod and Mrs Soldat

After School Clubs                     Mrs Napier

Dinner Money/Finance             Mrs Duffett