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Reading at Heatherside


It is our intention that all children develop as fluent, confident, enthusiastic readers with a good understanding of what they have read, and a broad vocabulary. We aim for all children to be able to make links between the texts they have read, and to be aware that reading extends beyond a book. Our belief is that children should be encouraged to develop their own opinions, which will help develop a love of reading and a thirst to read more. 


Through teaching, assessment and intervention, we will ensure that children are confident phonic decoders which will give them the capability to tackle more adventurous texts as they progress through school. When confident with their phonics, children will follow the coloured book bands in order to give them a range of text types at a suitable pitch which they can read independently. Individuals and small groups will participate in phonics interventions to improve their confidence and efficiency (see ‘Phonics at Heatherside Junior School’ for further information). Focused reading objectives will be taught through English lessons; guided groups, and whole class reading lessons. Children will have the opportunity to study in detail a range of books and genres, including author studies and non-fictional studies. The books and texts will be carefully chosen to link with other areas of the curriculum and to build on prior learning and skills. Carefully constructed Let’s Think in English lessons will provide opportunity for discussion and ‘deep thinking’ to develop higher order reading skills.

Our well stocked and well led library provides an excellent facility for children to develop their enjoyment of reading and is at the heart of our school. Staff will guide pupils in finding suitable, enjoyable, challenging books which they can choose when they have moved on from the coloured book bands but can also enjoy a library book alongside their coloured book band / phonetically decodable book. Reading Champions in each class will promote reading through book talks; sharing new arrivals, and working closely with the school librarian. Children will experience author visits; competitions, and other reading challenges in order to keep the profile of reading high and promote a love of reading; for learning and pleasure.


Children at Heatherside Junior School will be enthusiastic, confident readers. Through a focus on studying high quality texts, authors and vocabulary, children will be able to talk knowledgably about a range of texts. The Reading Champions will feedback to the Librarian, and English lead, to share current reading trends and interests whilst promoting pupil voice and choice. Formal assessments and assessment of National Curriculum levels in class, will help evidence progress made.


These are the books which our Reading Champions chose for their Class Reading Corners!